Your 'One Thing'

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What do I do with all the good ideas that I have?

Your 'One Thing'

Have you identified your `one thing` in your business? Or are you trying to run two or three multi-level or network marketing programs hoping that one of them will make you rich?

In this new year, evaluate all that you do. Evaluate that `one thing` that you`re going to focus on. One idea, one service or group of similar services - that you are going to apply all your energy towards until you reach your pre-established goal. This focus will help you spot opportunities that will help you reach your goal and say no to segues that will actually take you away from your goal.

Establishing `focus` for your ideas may be what stands between you...and success.

Oh, that`s another thing, you do have goals for this new year, right? If you don`t know where you`re may never get there - but how would you know!



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