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How To Increase Sales With Upselling

By upselling to your customers, you are essentially increasing your profit margin by increasing the average amount of a sale. Therefore, upselling increases sales.

To upsell successfully, look at what customers are buying and make recommendations that would enhance their purchase, such as asking if the customer needs any film when purchasing camera equipment. Other upselling ideas include packaging similar items together so as to save the customer time, or placing similar items together on sales shelves or in sales literature so as to remind customers they may require the item/service.


What Is Upselling?

Upselling occurs when a business offers a related product or service at the time of purchase to a customer. For instance, McDonalds is well known for its, "Would you like fries with that?" upselling tactic.

Checkout counters at grocery and video stores can also be used as an upselling tactic by housing many impulse purchase buys, essentially giving the customer one last opportunity to purchase an item they may have otherwise forgotten.

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