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How can I balance work and family?

Making A Life, Making A Living

Author: Mark Albion (audiobook)

Making A Life, Making A Living uses interconnected stories of individuals to show how we can reclaim our purpose and passion both in business and in life.

What´s MLM all about?

The Greatest Networker in the World

Author: John Milton Fogg

Are you ready for success in Network Marketing? A life-changing story. Read it and make it your own!

How can I change my thinking?

A Strategy For Daily Living

Author: Ari Kiev, MD (Audiobook)

One of the best books in current circulation with profound, yet practical tips for organizing your life and ensuring that each day is more fulfilling than the last.

How can I do my business better?

The Greatest Salesman in the World

Author: Og Mandino

Change your business and your life by applying the wisdom of the 10 ancient scrolls.

A fabulous story and a new way of looking at wealth.

How can I balance work and family?

Dream Big! A Woman's Guide to Network Marketing

Author: Cynthia Stewart-Copier

Starting out with why women are inherently patterned for Network Marketing, this book goes not only through the how-to's of getting started in NM, but also the WHY's and other extra benefits NM has to offer women, whether they are single, married, or with children.

Where can I find infomation about starting a home business?

On This Rock

Author: Peggy Long

The subtitle says it all "On this rock I stand, and world, you will adjust!" Peggy Long has created a step-by-step plan on how to be a leader and develop leaders. With very practical applications that you can put to work today, this book goes way beyond just the theory of leadership.

How can I do my business better?

Developing The Leader Within You

Author: John C. Maxwell

A must-read for anyone in any type of leadership role. Whether you're leading employees, a business team, a sports team, or a family, Maxwell goes deep into the process of developing yourself as a true leader that attracts willing followers.

How can I manage my finances?

You've Earned It, Don't Lose It

Author: Suze Orman

Great financial tips presented in easy to read step-by-step format.

How do I get what I want?

Who Moved My Cheese?

Author: Spencer Johnson, M.D.

An absolute gem of a book! Easy to read in one sitting.

So simple a concept--why doesn't everyone just do it? If you're stuck in a rut, are looking for a new job or career, read this book first. It will open your eyes to new possibilities in your life!

Where can I find infomation about starting a home business?

The Small Business Bible

Author: Paul Resnick

All the basics right at your fingertips! Topics ranging from Self-Assessment (are you the business owner type?) to Analyzing your sales.

A great reference to keep handy not only when you're just starting out, but any time you need a quick reference.

How can I balance work and family?

Discovering Another Way

Author: Lane Nemeth

As founder of Discovery Toys, the premier educational toys company, Lane Nemeth not only built a wonderful, caring company with great toys for children, but one of the best Network Marketing/Party Plan companies available for women who wish to stay at home with their children and "play for a living".

In her book, Lane tells her story and emphasizes to all readers that there IS "another way" to support your family and earn a great income at the same time. She gives great keys to finding the right home business for you as well as some great parenting and child development information.

For work-at-home-moms, or WAHM wannabees, this is THE book.

Where can I find infomation about starting a home business?

Inside Network Marketing

Author: Leonard W. Clements

An expert in Network Marketing (and MLM business owner) Len Clements reveals the REAL truth about the Network Marketing industry--good and bad.

A great handbook for any serious MLM-er as well as a reference to be applied again and again. Be prepared to read some amazing positive truths about MLM as well as some "not so pleasant" facts.

How do I become a better manager?

The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

Author: Kenneth Blanchard

As a manager putting out other people's fires and dealing with various emergencies, how do you find the time to do what you want and need to do in your job? One simple idea: Don't take on a problem if it isn't yours!

Read more about this fascinating revelation and get solid methods to implement right away.

How can I manage better?

Success is a Choice

Author: Rick Pitino

If you can relate to sports analogies, then this book is for you. Pitino, best known as President of the Boston Celtics orgnization, leads readers through everything from building self-esteem to surviving your own success.

How do I get what I want?

Awaken The Giant Within

Author: Anthony Robbins

From THE Giant in the world of "peak performance" comes an in-depth lesson in defining your dreams, applying your power, and getting all that you want and deserve in life.

How can I balance work and family?

First Things First

Author: Stephen Covey, Roger Merrill, Rebecca Merrill

Not sure if your life is in balance? Are you doing everything that you want to do? Check out First Things First. This book will walk you through finding your passion and vision all the way through putting it all together with the rest of your life's priorities.

What are my business options?


Author: Ellen H. Parlapiano and Partricia Cobe

Subtitled: A Mother's Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Work-at-Home Success

Very practical ideas and tips for running a successful home business and a successful family!

How do I get what I want?

The Aladdin Factor

Author: Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

Learning how to "ask" for what you want in life is such a key element to getting what you want in life. The authors of the Chicken Soup For the Soul series bring to light why we don't always get what we ask for (or DO get exactly what we ask for, but not what we wanted)

How can I change my thinking?

Living With Passion

Author: Peter L. Hirsch

Empower yourself and your life by finding out how to live with passion. When you're passionate about something, you will do everything in your power to make it happen! When you come to realize that you already are successful, you will open yourself up to even more success throughout your life.

What´s MLM all about?

Conversations with The Greatest Networker in the World

Author: John Milton Fogg

The sequel to the best-selling Greatest Networker story. Once again, Fogg has given readers the opportunity to "listen in on" and learn from the conversations with the Greatest Networker in the World.

How can I do my business better?

Organizing Options

Author: San Francisco Bay Area Chapter National Association of Professional Organizers

Get not only your office organized, but your whole life! Everything from Cash Management to Time Management…and even Earthquake Preparedness.

What´s MLM all about?

The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World

Author: John Kalench

As usual, Kalench hits the nail on the head. Throughout this book, the author provokes the entrepreneurial spirit of the reader. Whether you're in Network Marketing or any other type of entrepreneurial endeavor, this is a great read.

How do I put my life in balance?

How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have

Author: John Gray (audiobook)

From the author of the best seller "Men Are From MArs, Women Are From Venus" comes another great guide to personal and spiritual success.

How do I get what I want?

Stop Self Sabotage!

Author: Pat Pearson, MSSW

Learn "How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Have an Extraordinary Life" by overcoming your self-defeating behaviors.

Where can I find infomation about starting a home business?

Home But Not Alone

Author: Katherine Murray

A great book if you're just thinking about whether working at home is right for you, or if you already work at home and need some good solid tips and ideas for keeping your home and business running smoothly.

How can I manage better?

Jesus C.E.O.

Author: Laurie Beth Jones

The ancient wisdom of a peaceful leader is applied to modern day business.

Add love, inspiration, and good will to your organization and watch how powerful it becomes.

How can I do my business better?

Developing the Leaders Around You

Author: John C. Maxwell

Once you've finished reading Developing the Leader Within You, it's time to pass that value on to others. You will find excellent explanations of the how's and why's of developing leaders who will in turn also develop leaders.

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