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What is customer service?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Building rapport with customers is a big part of being successful in sales. Make it a point to thank your customers--for without them, your business WILL go bankrupt. Thank them for their time on the phone.
Thank them for their business after each purchase. Thank them for sharing your business with others (via referrals or hosting a home demonstration).
Each small act of appreciation from you will solidify your relationship. After all, why are you in business anyway?

Where can I find new business leads?

Build Credibility

Trying to figure out how to build credibility around your product or service? Don't just talk about your products, be a walking advertisement!
Do you sell cosmetics? Use them (and learn how to use them properly!)
Do you sell nutritional supplements? Use them (and share your personal results.)
Do you sell children's products? Give them to your own children and as gifts.

When people SEE you stand behind your products, they'll believe.

Where can I find new business leads?

Keep it handy

Wherever you go, you should always have (at the very least) business cards with you. You never know when or where you might meet that next client or who knows someone else who is looking for what you have to offer.

Even better than a business card, keep a brochure, flyer, catalog, or other piece of marketing material with you at all times and be ready to give it to anyone who's interested.

Where do I find customers?

Memorable Ads

Some guidelines for creating memorable advertising:

*Make sure your ads are "on target" with your market. Know who you're selling to.
*Remember "KISS"--Keep it Simple, Simon.
*Be identifiable. Find a style and personality and stay with it.
*Just ASK! Ask for the sale. Invite buyers to come to your store, mail, or call for information.
*Make sure the ad looks professional.
*Be truthful. Be sure your message is ethical and truthful.

Where can I find new business leads?


An often overlooked method of marketing your business is through referrals.
Are you more likely to try a new restaurant because you saw an ad in the paper about it, or if a trusted friend recommends it to you?

Referrals don't just happen (ok, sometimes they do, but not often!)
You need to ASK for them. After every business transaction, ask your customer/client if he knows anyone else who might appreciate your product or service.
Get in the habit of asking everybody, every time you complete a transaction.

Another magic time is when someone declines your offer of a product or service. Maybe they aren't interested, but do they know someone else who might be?

Where do I find customers?

Means of Advertising

There are many ways to advertise, here a few that are easily accessible to the small-business owner:
Direct Mail
Web banners
Trade publications
Live presentations (to niche groups)

What is customer service?

Truth vs Hype

We all want everyone to see our business opportunity or our product as "the best", don't we?
Will we attract lots of interest by "hyping" our business or product? Probably.
Will these be long-term relationships? Probably NOT. Why?
Because hype is short-lived (compared to truth). Once someone is around long enough to understand the "truth" behind the "hype", they may feel betrayed, misled, or flat-out lied to.

If you are proud of your business and your product, then there should be no problem sharing true facts about them.
If someone decides what you have isn't for them, oh well.
There's a great saying, "Some Will, Some Won't, So What? Who's Next?"

Sales is a business about relationships, and it's long term relationships with your customers and your team members that will build a successful business for you in the long run.

What is customer service?

Just a little respect

If you'd like to leave a lasting impression on your clients or customers, treat them with respect. Remember, they don't need you--they can probably find your product or service elsewhere. You need them to keep your business going.

How do I get the attetion of prospects and turn them into buyers?

Customer Satisfaction

Your number one focus in marketing your small business should be addressing your customer`s need. The verbiage that you use to promote your product or service should be words that speak of satisfying that need.

For Example:

Ho-hum customer driven copy:
"We have the Best Prices and Great Customer Service"

Customer can see `Satisfaction` copy:
"Our plumbers respond to your plumbing emergency in 30 minutes, guaranteed"

It`s not about how great you are, it`s about what`s in it for them...Your customer.

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