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Where do I find business help?

Coaching for success

If you ever find yourself "stuck" in your business or in your personal life. If you find that your life is not in balance. If you find that you just can't keep on top of things, then coaching may be for you.

A professional coach (also known as a success coach, personal coach, life coach, executive coach) is someone who will help you find the answers within yourself.

Unlike counseling or therapy, a coach does not lead you, but rather, follows your lead. A good coach will spend most of his time asking you questions, listening to your answers, and using this information to ask more probing questions until you can find the answers that you need. Unlike a best friend, a coach is an impartial, objective listener whoose only objective is to see you succeed.

What is success?

Remember Your Why

When starting to question your abilities, when re-thinking
your decision to continue your business, when hitting "brick
walls" in your business--remember your "why".

Why did you get started in your business?
Why did you choose this particular business?

When you go back to your original "why", the passion fire
is re-kindled and will give you a new sense of excitement
to keep going, to find new ways of doing business, and to
overcome obstacles that may come up.

How can I measure my productivity?


Organization is great, but taken too far can be a time-waster.
When evaluating your productivity (at the end of the day or
the week), take a look at the "income generating" activities
you did. Just because you were "busy" doesn't mean you were
putting value into your business.

"Playing office" is just that, playing. Nobody ever "organized"
themsleves to success.

How do I treat customers?

Be On Time

A very important key to quality customer service is to always BE ON TIME!
Whether it's for an appointment, a phone call, or an inquiry response. Your customers will appreciate being treated with respect and not being inconvenienced.

What is a good business investment?

Invest in Yourself

Need a new way to invest in your business? Invest in yourself.
You are your business' top resource. By reading business and
industry-related books, attending seminars and trainings, and
networking with others (in and outside your industry) you will build
your knowledge base. You will be more open to new ideas (and
more likely to be exposed to new ideas) when you stay educated.

What is success?

Lasting Impressions

You've heard leaders say "Dress for success". What does
this mean? that depends on what you're trying to be
successful at. A professional athlete may not be very
successful showing up to tryouts dressed in a suit (although
he or she may look fabulous!) If you are truly passionate
about what you do, you will "live your mission" and this
is the impression you will leave with people. How you
"wear yourself" shows through as well. If you show up to
present a line of beauty products and your hair isn't combed,
this will not make you a very credible presenter. So, dress
in appropriate clothing, but also look at how YOU are dressed
and what you are reflecting to your target market.

How can I be more productive?

Delegate, delegate!

When wondering how you can "do it all", stop; you can't. Your business is your business and your family is your family. Unless your business is in one of these fields, you're better off sticking to your specialty and let other professionals stick to theirs.
*Hire an accountant (or make use of a good, simple accounting program)
*Hire a housekeeper (unless you thoroughly enjoy cleaning house)
*Hire a landscaper (or a local teen to cut your lawn or shovel your snow)
*Hire a lawyer (or use a computer program for things like forms and contracts)
If at all possible, support other small-business owners by hiring them for these tasks

What is success?

True Success

True success is found by achieving your own personal challenges and goals. Keeping up with the Jones's will only keep you in a constant state of reaching, wishing, and desiring. Find what you want. Discover what will give YOU the greatest pleasure and work toward that. You'll know it's a true success when you achieve it and you no longer feel that "needing" and "longing" but are able to enjoy what it is you've accomplished.

How do I treat customers?

I Don't Know

If you don't know the answer, say so! Yes, your customers
are looking to you as the expert. Yes your employees or
team members look up to you for guidance. So what? It's
better to be honest and go FIND the right answer, than to
try to fake it and be wrong!

How much risk is good?

Just Ask

Just ask. It's that simple.

Ask for what? Anything and everything: An upgrade on
your hotel room or flight, a discount on a product or
service, a referral, an extension on your deadline.

If you don't ask, your answer is automatically "no".

How do I treat customers?

Let your smile show through

If you aren't in the "mood" to make those all-important phone calls, then try this tip:
When getting ready to pick up the phone to call a customer, client, or vendor, look in the mirror and smile first.
(You may even want to keep a small hand mirror next to your phone).
Your smile will show through your words and make your call more effective. It will put your customers at ease as
well as relaxing you. This will also change your attitude despite what type of day you're having.

What is success?

Surround Yourself

Always surround yourself with people who support you
in your endeavors. Get to know people who are now
where you want to be. This will keep your spirits
high, your motivation up, and your eye on your goals.

How can I be more productive?


CANI = Constant and Neverending Improvement

Stay on top of your industry by reading books and business journals that will keep you on the cutting edge.

Stay on top of your performance by reading books and tapes on personal development.

Stay balanced by learning how to be more organized and efficient not only with your business, but in your personal life as wll.

Where do I find business help?

Follow the Leader

Although this is an essential tip for the new business
owner, it never hurts to hear this reminder every so often:

Have a new idea? Need a new idea? Look to those who
have been in business longer than you for assistance. They
may already have a plan that works. Use it! Don't waste
your valuable time re-creating the wheel.

What is success?

The Right Business For You

Are you just starting to investigate the idea of a home
business but aren't even sure what field to go into?
Building a business is a process...sometimes a long and
arduous one. Before you even begin investigating specific
opportunities, find your passion first. What do you enjoy doing?
What would you do even if you weren't paid for it? (during the initial
start up phase, you may not be paid!) What natural talents
do you have? What skills have you learned? How much time and
effort are you willing to put into the business on a regular
basis? As you begin to look at all of these things, you may see
a pattern that may lead you to the type of business that's right for you.
The business that is successful for one person is not necessarily the
business that's successful for all people.

How much risk is good?

Face Your Fear

Have you heard the quote, "Feel your fear and do it anyway"?
I don't believe there's any better advice when you're talking
about learning by doing.

How do you get better at something? By practice.
Will you be fabulous the first time you try something new? Probably not (but
you probably won't be as bad as you imagine either!)
Each subsequent time you try, you'll get better and better.
You'll have less fear because you'll know what to expect.
One day you'll wake up and suddenly you'll realize that,
you are good at what you do!

What is success?

Define Success

What will make you feel successful? When you define what
success means to you, you'll know when you've achieved it.

Success is not a destination, but a way of living. You
may need to continually redefine what success means to you.

Just because 2 homes and a new Mercedes means success to
someone else, doesn't mean you're not successful if you don't
have these things (if these things aren't in your definition of success).

Success for you might mean being out of the 9-5 rat race--once you've
achieved this, you were successful! Now, re-define your next level
of success...maybe it's to pay off all of your credit and loans.
If you are $20,000 in debt today and in 6 months you still have $10,000
in debt, does this mean you're not successful? Of course not! You've made
a great accomplishment and you're on your way!

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