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How do I sponsor distributors?

THAT word!

If you are in Network Marketing then you are probably familiar with the terms "sponsoring", or the less delicate "recruiting". Many MLM businessowners often shun recruiting simply because of the connotation of the word itself. But think about recruiting and what it really is:

If you really think about it, when someone compliments you on your talents and asks you to use those special skills to be a part of something--that is recruiting!

When you see how friendly someone is and how much they love the product or service that you offer, wouldn't it be selfish NOT to share it with them? If you found something that works great for your situation and you see how it could benefit someone else, wouldn't it be selfish NOT to let them know of this potential solution to their problems?

Call it what you will, but sponsoring and recruiting are really just sharing and inviting.

(Concepts taken from Ilene Meckley's book "Sharing and Caring-the key to taking your business up, up and away")

How do I train others?

Don't Let Go

When you sponsor new people onto your team, stay with them and train them until they are able to sponsor and train others as well (or better) than you.

Just because someone has signed a contract does not mean that they know all about the business and are ready to fly. Call them daily (or at least weekly). Do their first presentation with them so they can watch a pro in action.

Too often new team members fail before they are given the opportunity to fly simply because they didn't know how.

How do I find recruits?

Where are the recruits?

Have you heard a Network Marketer say, "I just don't know anybody who would be interested in doing what I do."

OK, since when are we psychic and all-knowing that we can make that decision for others? We're not! Who do you know:
*who is looking for a change in life?
*who works for a company that is or may be laying off many workers?
*who wants to earn a little extra income on the side?
*who loves the product or service that you offer?
*who is willing to learn and has done or said something indicating a desire to grow?
*whose life has changed recently?

How do I sponsor distributors?

What do you share?

Have you ever recommended a great hairstylist to someone? How about a fantastic new restaurant where you received 5 star service? What about a hot stock tip?

We are free to share this type of information with anybody and everybody we meet, yet when we find a busness that grants us freedom, independence, unlimited income potential, peer recognition, fun, and flexible time with our families, we are often reluctant to share this information with anybody.

We are scared of what they might think of us? Like, "oh, it's one of THOSE types of businesses." If we truly believe in what we do, then why not help spread the word that it's a GOOD thing, and not just one of THOSE things.

How do I sponsor distributors?

Positive vs Negative

If you are unsure about how you will come across to others when you are talking to someone about joining your business team, think of these distinctions:

Are you being pushy...or encouraging?
nosy...or caring?
talking "at" people...or asking questions?
manipulative...or informative?
convincing...or inviting?

Your attitude and motive will come through to your prospective team members.

(Concepts taken from Ilene Meckley's book "Sharing and Caring-the key to taking your business up, up and away")

How do I train others?

Don't Pre-judge

Are you too selective about who you offer your business opportunity to? Do you find yourself thinking, "Oh, he's not the right "type" for this business." or "She wouldn't be interested right now, she just had a baby."

STOP! Are you in the habit of making life decisions for total strangers? I didn't think so.
Offer your opportunity to EVERYONE, and let each decide for him/herself if it's right.

How do I recruit?



When deciding to invite someone into your business, you need to look at that person, and not what's in it for you.

Find out what that person wants in life. What is that person doing now that they do or don't like. Find out what they enjoy doing. Find out what motivates them. If you can address these issues and your business can offer something that they want, then all you need to do is inform and invite. Also, be ready to accept "no" as their answer.

Just because the busness works for you doesn't mean it will work for everyone. Chances are they are not saying "no" to you, so don't take it personally. They are saying no to a business opportunity, and just maybe that "no" simply means "not yet".

How do I find recruits?

Listen for clues

Sometimes it's as plain as the nose on your face. You miss obvious clues coming from people who are just waiting for you to ask them to join your team.

Listen for "green flags":
*Do you make real money doing this?
*How many hours a week do you work?
*Do you get your own products at a discount?
*What does your spouse think of you going out and doing these presentations?
*What is your background? Did you get training to do this?

When people ask questions like this, they want to find out more about what you and your company do. They are trying to find out if it's something that is realistic for themselves. Listen for these questions and respond with a brief answer and then a question to find out what specifically it is that they are trying to find out.

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