THAT word!

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How do I sponsor distributors?

THAT word!

If you are in Network Marketing then you are probably familiar with the terms "sponsoring", or the less delicate "recruiting". Many MLM businessowners often shun recruiting simply because of the connotation of the word itself. But think about recruiting and what it really is:

If you really think about it, when someone compliments you on your talents and asks you to use those special skills to be a part of something--that is recruiting!

When you see how friendly someone is and how much they love the product or service that you offer, wouldn't it be selfish NOT to share it with them? If you found something that works great for your situation and you see how it could benefit someone else, wouldn't it be selfish NOT to let them know of this potential solution to their problems?

Call it what you will, but sponsoring and recruiting are really just sharing and inviting.

(Concepts taken from Ilene Meckley's book "Sharing and Caring-the key to taking your business up, up and away")



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