General Records Retention Guideline

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How long do I have to keep taxes, receipts and other important docs?

General Records Retention Guideline

Audit Reports: Forever
Bank Deposit Slips: 6 Years
Bank Statements: 6 Years
Canceled Checks: 3 Years
Current Contracts and Leases: Life of Contract, plus 3 Years
Housing Records: As long as you own the home, plus 3 Years. (Includes home improvements, additions, expenses involved in selling/buying home)
Insurance Records: Forever
Investment Records: 6 Years after sale of investment. Discard monthly statements once you receive annual summary that reflects yearly activity.
IRA Contributions: Forever
Legal Correspondence: (Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Papers, etc.): Forever
Real Estate Records: Forever
Receipts for Appliances, Computer Equipment, etc: Life of Asset, plus 3 Years
Tax Returns and Supporting Documentation: Forever
Warranties/Guaranties: Life of the Product



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