Coaching for Balance

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How can I stay focused?

Coaching for Balance

You've read all the self-help books, you've set goals, you've even shared those goals with a support team. Somehow you're still not where you'd like to be.

Professional coaches (also called Life Coaches, Success Coaches, Business Coaches) can be the key to getting you from your goals to your results.

A personal coach (like an athletic coach) works to bring out what's already inside you--your abilities, your motivations, your actions. A coaching relationship can give you the accountability you need to move to action. Action is what will make your goals and dreams reality.



12/26/2011 11:17:11 PM
Mike said:

knowing what & where u want to go is sometimes difficult & having a friend mentor & some rules can help, an annual new years wish list revisited each year is a very good start, be realistic, altruistic, mystic, opportunistic, sic

sorry, but skills and opportunities don't always match up eg I am a FCPA but I should never have been an accountant but through determination I achieved this, sometimes I think I should have been something else but I don't know what that something else is, get a mentor and do a personal skills audit


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