Australian Compensation Plan

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Australian Compensation Plan

The Australian Compensation Plan (also known as the Two-Up plan) allows for:
*Unlimited first level width
*Infinite depth
*Linear commissions
*The commissions earned on your first two distributors on your first level are passed up to your sponsor and the commissions from the first two distributors recruited by your third recruit are passed up to you.



3/6/2007 8:20:49 PM
John Counsel said:

This compensation plan is neither Australian nor intelligent.

It's usually associated with high-priced information products and, while it's very attractive if you're the sponsor, the reality is that people pass up their lowest-quality recruits, because they know they'll never earn anything on their sales volume.

Any plan that appeals to greed, laziness, ignorance, fear of loss or stupidity tend to attract greedy, lazy, desperate, stupid people... not really the kind of people you can rely on to build long-term, secure income.

The Aussie 2-up (and 3-up) appeals to ALL of those "attractive" qualities.


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