Features vs Benefits

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How do I learn how to sell?

Features vs Benefits

How do you sell your products? Do you tell everyone about all the doo-dads and wahoos your product has? And all the different colors it comes in? And how it's smaller than a shoebox?

Sure, these features are important, but your customers can see these things for themselves. Your job is to let them know how these "features" will "benefit" them:

*all the doo-dads and wahoos = convenience-everything in one place so you don't have to search for many different items
*all the different colors = selection for various moods-you can find the one that fits YOUR personality
*it's smaller than a shoebox = compact and portable-it doesn't take up a lot of shelf space and you can take it with you easily

Take a look at each of your products' features and come up with a benefit for each. Facts are nice, but facts backed up with benefits will sell.



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