Selling or Convincing?

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How do I deal with being told no?

Selling or Convincing?

OK, so now you're in a great MLM company and you're ready to start offereing your products to the world. You've read all about every products and can quote directly from your product manual. You've gone to your first presentation and "wow-ed" the audience with all of your knowledge...or so you thought! You went home only to add up less than $100 in orders--what happened?!?!

What did you offer these customers? Did you offer them a ton of products that could solve every problem in the world? Or did you offer them what they wanted and needed?

The key to successful marketing (selling) is to LISTEN first and find out what people need. Then your job is to find something that will fill that need. You should listen more than you talk. Ask questions. Contrary to popular belief, selling is about filling a need with your product or service, not convincing someone to buy something they don't want or need (or convincing them that they do need it).

Listen to your customers. You'll have higher sales and get loads of respect!



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