Researching companies

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How can I find information about a specific company?

Researching companies

If you need to find out about a specific company (ie: is it a legitimate operation or if they´ve had many complaints filed against them, I suggest that you contact your local Better Business Bureau. The BBB can be found online at and you may also want to check the local state BBB site which you should be able to link from the main site. Be aware that the BBB may only have records of problems that individuals have filed. Just because there are no "bad" reports on a company does not necessarily mean it is in the clear. Also, the company name you have referenced may be a DBA (which is not necessarily the actual "business name" on file.



8/14/2008 10:12:42 AM
Fullfillment (Davie, Florida) said:

Bad business: free sample turns into $89 charge to your debt card.

10/29/2008 12:10:02 PM
catherine martin said:

My name is Catherine Martin and i purchased a 2005 crysler seabring from executive sazuki and finaced it through wells fargo but niether compant gave me copies of my contracts. Both promised to send me contracts and I've yet to recieve them. It has been a year and 2months and still no paperwork, i've called everyday just about and no papers.

11/25/2008 5:40:35 AM
natalie b. pabarroo said:

i got a gift certificate for my wedding in 2005 for Holiday Inn in Worcester mass the expiration date on it is 12/23/2012 the Holiday Inn in worcester is no longing there i try getting hold of Hoiday Inn Corp. but they cann't help me because this Holiday Inn was privitly own now i have a $200.00 dollar certificate that i cann't use i want to know what can i do?

2/9/2009 12:32:46 PM
thecreditexchange said:

Is this company good have you heard of any problems with them I'm trying to go through a debt relief program.I need to know which one to choose that's not going to take advantage of me and my situation I'm currently on all payments.


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