Respect off the job

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How do I get the respect my business deserves?

Respect off the job

Issue: I have invested years in school and on the job in building my career. I'll never get the same respect as WAHM (work-at-home-mom).

Call to Action: Contrary to popular belief, parents who are able to stay at home and raise their children are usually envied by their peers, not looked down on. It's quite an accomplishment to go against the grain and hold your family values above society's "norms". List all of your gifts, talents, and education. Take this list and find where you can apply each of these to a life working at home with your children-you may be pleasantly surprised.
*A Lawyer-has the skills of negotiation-useful when dealing with stubborn 4-year-olds as well as hired contractors.
*A Doctor or nurse-has the medical skills necessary for bandaging "boo-boos" as well as experience dealing with insurance companies, which as a parent you will do eventually.
*Were you a math major in college? Then you will know exactly how to split the last piece of cake so that all three children will have exactly the same amount. (Also see negotiating skills!)



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