Setting Up Your Home Office

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How do I set up a home office?

Setting Up Your Home Office

When deciding to work at home, one of the most important decisions is how and where to set up the home office. While some may think that working "around" the family won't be too difficult, stop and think about just how many different types of distractions might exist in your home.

Some things to think about when setting up your home office are:
*location - Will you on the phone much? Then you may not want to be in or near the kids' playroom or the TV room.
*equipment - Do you have delicate or potentially dangerous equipment? (computer, fax machine, cameras, paint or art supplies). Your location will need to be secure so that small children do not get into breakable or potentially harmful items and substances.
*space - Do you keep client files? Trade publications? Large equipment? Having enough space to stay organized will be vital to your home business success.



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