Plan your days

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How do I make phone calls with children around?

Plan your days

Working at home is not going to be a dream all the time. On top of your career work, there looms housework, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, errands, lost dogs, sick children, and sibling wars.

How to manage these multiple (and constantly changing) activities? Set a routine and plan your calendar week-by-week (see tips and links under Time Management).

By keeping a routine, you and the children will always know what's going on (for the most part).
Pick a day every week that is "library day" or "park day" (ie: every Wendnesday after lunch).
Pick a day each week that you go grocery shopping--and if you can't do this with the kids, then do it while they're in school or at a playdate.
Can you do paperwork or envelope stuffing at the playground while the kids are playing?
Can you set business appointments at the same day/time each week and schedule a babysitting swap with another work at home mom?

Be creative, and always remember the reason you chose to stay home in the first place!



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