Eliminate the Junk

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How do I find more time?

Eliminate the Junk

How many e-newsletters, e-zines, and misc ads fill up your mailbox
on a daily basis? How much of you time is being wasted
filtering through all the "junk" and weeking out the "good stuff"?

Eliminate the "junk"--just about every piece of junk e-mail you receive
was probably a subscription you applied for. Just about every one of
these offers an easy way to "unsubscribe" at any time. If you're just
deleting the messages and not reading them, unsubscribe.

Sort the mail--most commercial browsers (Netscape, Explorer, etc)
have a "message filtering" option. The filter looks at each incoming message
and files it in a separate folder rather than all lumped in your inbox. By
using this tool, you can easily see if you have new messages from "family" or
"business e-zines" or a specific "e-group". You can attend to the important stuff
first and leave the rest for later.



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