Setting Boundaries

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How do I set up an office at home?

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries within your workspace can be a difficult task, but with a bit of creativity is not impossible.

Some examples of boundaries:

*An office with a door that locks will certainly keep your home life and work life separate. If you have small children and cannot be behind closed doors, try putting a baby-gate in the doorway to your office. You can hear and see what`s going on and even step over it if necessary.
*Have a visible "sign" to let others know what`s going on. Try wearing a telephone headset if you`re on a "business call". Children and others will know it`s a business call and that they need to be extra quiet. A "Do not Disturb" sign on your office door during very important calls or meetings could also be used.
*Time boundaries (working hours) can be set so that you (and others) will know when you`re working and when you`re not. This can be more difficult to do with children at home, but setting small blocks of time for specific tasks might help: make phone calls during naptime, meet with clients while the kids are in school.

Be creative and work with your particular circumstances.



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