Just Say No!

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How do I get the respect my business deserves?

Just Say No!

Too often, moms at home are taken advantage of by others who assume that if a mom is at home, she has "time." Any mom at home knows that this is not the case, but even moreso for works at home moms who are not only managing a household but a business or job as well. There are deadlines, clients, appointments, and other required tasks just as in a "regular job." Work-at-home-moms (and dads!) need respect for their positions just as any other working adult. Sometimes, however, the only way to get this respect is to demand it. Get used to saying "no" if a request conflicts with an appointment you already have or your day as it's currently scheduled.

This is not to say that WAHM's should be selfish and mean. One of the benefits of working at home is having flexibility--just make sure you're being flexible and not taken advantage of.



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