Phone Time is Fun Time

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How do I make phone calls with children around?

Phone Time is Fun Time

Have you ever put off making business calls because your children are around and might make noise while you're on the phone?

Try these suggestions:
*Have special toys, games, activities that come out only during "phone time". Having "something special" will often keep the children occupied for the few minutes you need to make your call.
*Play "phone time" with your children. Let them have an "office" or desk space of their own and a toy phone. Let them know it's phone time and you both need to make your calls.
*Be open and honest with your clients-if there is an interruption, excuse yourself, mute the phone to handle the children quickly, and when you return apologize and explain that it's one of the small drawbacks to working at home, but that the benefits are far greater. Who knows, maybe you'll help another parent take that step to working at home!



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