Taking Care of Business-FIRST

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How do I get a business started?

Taking Care of Business-FIRST

What do you need to do to get started in your business venture?
That will depend on your business, but here are some places to

You will need to find out about things like license and permit
requirements, local taxes, advertising, and storefront signage.
Call your:
*Local City or Town Hall
*Local Chamber of Commerce
*Local Business Association

You will need to find out the going rates for products and services,
recommendations of suppliers, where to find employees.
Call your:
*Local Chamber of Commerce
*Local Business Association
*Local or National Trade Associations

You may even want to pick the brains of those who may be competitors.
They may or may not be willing to give you all of their
trade secrets, but may be willing to send you in the right direction
and even alert you to other requirements you may not be aware of.



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